Tuesday, February 25, 2014

August and beyond

August---- Addie turned one. Still not walking. She is now finally. She started to say a lot of one word things. It is more then one word things now. She has lots to say with  a lot of feeling. And LOVES the phone. She is a girl.  
Daniel Wantulok came here and started working. He was having trouble finding a job in Colorado and bills were coming and no income so he came here to see what was available.  He found a job and the first of October he moved his family here. It has been nice having another family in Andrews. The boys have loved having cousins to play with. It is so nice having more workers at church. God knew we needed them.

September we were able to go to Phoenix , AZ to hold a short revival. Sister Marcia wanted a mini revival with her District overseer. :-)  We did that and had a great time and two great services and fellowship

                         This is a random picture of the boys waking dad.I like Abe's mischievous face.

 The joys of kids. Just wanted to share my little blessings. :-) messes and all. To think 5 yrs ago I had no idea my livingroom would look like this. God is good.

October at Ministers Convention we said goodbye to the Clarkson Family and welcomed our new Overseer and His family. :-) That was a good convention. Bro Jon did a great job. We had a pastor and spouse only class. It was great. We had a wonderful prayer for more workers, God has seen fit to send us a few more and more to arrive soon. Praise the Lord. God never leaves us hanging long. Trust in Him and he will be faithful. 
This picture just showed up on my camera after I set it down. I don't have many pictures of Bro V. I am glad I have this one. Even if he does look a little out of it. HA!!!
 Goodbye Clarkson's :-(
 Hello Smiths ;-)

Cathy and I together again. After 10 years God has seen fit for us to work togther in The Church of God and let our children have some time together.


She came just in time to go to Ladies Retreat with me. We had a great trip together, kidless. FUN!!!
Ladies Retreat was wonderful as always. Every song, prayer, devotions, fellowship was anointed. yes, Even the fellowship. I think I cried more at this retreat then I had in a really long time. It seemed like every meal became a serious conversation about God's blessings or struggles we might be facing. I am thankful for good friends that I can talk to and share my thoughts with.

This is my Birthday flower bouquet from my husbaand and Jeremiah. Jeremiah was determined that he wanted to get me flowers for my birthday. Sweet boy.

Cutie pies all dressed up for the Andrews Mustang football game. :-)

Addie too. 

This was Cathy's kids first ever HS footaball game. First football game ever. I think they had fun.

On to November. Thanksgiving we were able to go to Tucson Arizona . That was great. We had a good trip and a lot of fun times as always. I like Arizona. Angie and Scott are very hospitable people and they always make your stay with them relaxing. I needed that trip.

          ~~~~sigh~~~~ This reminds me of Becki's posts. :-) December. Christmas was spent at home. It is always nice being with your husband and kids, but not at Christmas time. It was kinda sad. Sam could not get off to go to Spokane over Christmas so we were forced to stay home. Sam and I neither one like being home for Christmas. We enjoy being with one set of parents.  But alas here we are....well not me, someone had to take the picture,  but the husband and kids. HA!!! on Christmas morning.

ok ok ok. almost done. 
In January it worked out to be able to go visit Sam's parents. It was a nice visit. It was probably more relaxing since we didn't have the pressure of the Holidays . When we were there we were able to visit  Jimmie and Marcia Brooks. Sister Marcia happened to be in Washington at that time so we were able to meet up with them for lunch one day. That was way cool. We got to say Good bye to  Brother Jimmie. He will be leaving to war here soon. . He will be back in December..  This was our 100th attempt of a "selfie photo". We were all glad we are all grown up and we DO NOT have to do this often. We all failed. This was the best we got with that Taco Time sign in the back. LOVE that place.


The kids in clothes Grandma Judy got for them while we were there. The boys are into dinasours right now and we found great shirts for them with a dinosaur on it, you can't see it, but it is there. Grandma had to buy them for the boys and little miss princess can't be left out. :-)

Addie and Grandma

Addie's attemp on the big wheel. She is still a tad bit to short. HA!!!

Addie playing in the snow for the first time. She loved it. Sam''s mom got this snow suit for Jeremiah when he was a baby. We leave it in Spokane. Addie could fit in it so she was a happy little girl because she was able to play in the snow with brothers and dad. 


Sam got to see some old friends. He liked that. This is half of the baseball team lineup from High school. These guys have not been together in 30 yrs. That was cool. They had a good time remembering their base ball years together.


Another friend from HS.

OK folks that is all. I will spare you and post pictures from January and February later. I will post more pictures and more on another day. Maybe in June :-)


Vicki Smith said...

YAY! How happy I was when your name showed up on Becki's blog roll as having posted a new blog. :-) Thank you so much for taking time out to do it.
BTW, Brother Smith is feeling SO MUCH better! Better than he has in two years! God has really touched him! But keep praying, just the same. ;-)

Tammy K. said...

Your welcome ;-) Praise God!!! That makes me happy. God is so so good and very faithful.

Rebekah said...

And just what is so wrong with your blog being like Becki's?! "Forever long" is what you meant. It may get boring over at my place but around here, where you average 8 posts a year (for real--do the math!) a long post is GREAT! So good to hear what's been going on with you and see so many great pictures. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tammy K. said...

HA!!! Becki. I love reading your forever posts. Your a great writer and you make me smile. There may only be 8 posts in the year from me, but it's a post right? I type to slow to write more. It took me like two hours to that one. HA!!! seriously. :-) And your welcome. :-)