Friday, February 28, 2014

a few pictures I failed to post.

 A few pictures I failed to post in my last post. They could not be foregotten. They are to great. I wanted to post these for you all and for me when I print off my yearly journal. Apparently 2013 will be  a short one, right Becki. :-)  HA!!!
 here ya go. Hope it makes you smile!

Abe took a nice fall a couple months ago while he was playing with Daddy. He looked like this for a week or more. It was crazy. All I could keep saying was ADRIAN!!!!    I think this kid will give me  a heart attack before I am 50. Which is not that far away. :-)
don't pay attention to the hair it was cut the day after this picture. :-)

This picture is so great I had to post. Bryon Goodman was doing some work in Dallas and decided to come visit us all a night. The kids LOVED him. They had a good time. He played with them a whole lot. They thought he was pretty cool. I just love this picture,

my crazy girl, She likes to take out her "pretties" is what she calls them.  We are  working on that. I hate having to redo her hair every time we stop. She is getting better.

The infamous tree climbing drama. Jeremiah is our biggest chicken and he just does not do scary things. That is not the case anymore. Sam and him were spending the day together and they came across this tree. Sam set him in the base of the tree and went to get his other lens for the camera ( he thought to himself,  (no, no way he is to chicken to climb) so he walked away for a minute, maybe??? and turned around to this. 30 feet in the air. Not cool. And of course you can climb UP a tree way easier then climbing down. So Sam had to climb the tree. I still laugh thinking about it. He climbed up the tree, not as easy to do at 47 as it is a 4. As he was climbing Jeremiah wanted to climb higher. Sam yells, ...NO. STOP. DO NOT GO HIGHER. Sam said he was praying real hard. I asked him if he was scared. YES, was his reply. So he finally gets to him, grabs him and starts sliding down the trunk, Some nice people saw the dilemma and waited on the ground for Sam to hand Jeremiah down to them. It is a great image in my head. Makes me laugh knowing the story after everyone was safe. It would have been a NIGHTMARE had I actually seen it.  Great story to tell anyway. But Sam the photographer had to snap this picture before he climbed up to get him. Lots of memories in this picture. I think I will blow it up and frame it. HA!!!!  I asked Jeremiah why he did that, he said, because I wanted Dad to see I could climb the tree..... Aww!!!!! 

and here is our sweet boy wearing Daddy's 'shirt from when Sam was a boy. This picture was taken in Washington last month. Does he have the face of climbing up a tree and scaring his dad half to death. :-)

January and February coming soon.....


Vicki Smith said...

LOVE all the pictures! And the commentary. Thank you so much for sharing. :-)

Marcia Brooks said...

Hello, love the pictures. Good to be able to come by and catch up a little more since we never had the time at convention. Love and prayers to you and your beautiful family.