Friday, January 10, 2014

here I am !!!!

Lets see. I guess I left off in July We had a great camp. Emilee had posted a great post about that way back when.
August was a great.  That was when we got our new/used van. Which I LOVE love .  And we were blessed to attend ANOTHER Assembly. Also love so much. So glad the Lord provided a way for us to go again. It was great as always.
That is also the month Daniel Wantulok came to stay with us to work, He could not find work in Colorado and there is LOTS of work in Texas so he came to make some money and find a job.
Addie turned one on August 11th.  That was a busy month.
Addie is still not walking. She will be 17 months next week and NOT walking. Crazy girl. I think she knows we want her to so she is deciding she does not want to.  :-)  She is a funny girl.

September was recuperating month from the busy summer. Which I loved by the way. , the busy summer... Like to have things to do.
October was a great month because that is the month we gained 5 new people at church. Daniel found a job and moved his family to wonderful West Texas. :-)  Cathy Loves it here.   She is not upset at all to leave beautiful Colorado for wonderful mesquit and flat land. HA!!!   She is over the shock and we all feel like this is what God has for all of us right now. It has already been a huge blessing to have them. I am  sad for Fountain but God is taking care of them and good things are happening there.
October was also the month we said goodbye to the Clarkson family. Sad day, but blessed to have the Smith family. We are losing a great man of God But thankful we will still have a great man of God leading us here in our region.  We are blessed

November we spent Thanksgiving in Tucson Az. I will share some pictures and info about taht next post, December was spent at home and January we are in Spokane, All about that in the next post I write in 4 months.  HA!!!  hope not that long.

Jeremiah October 2013.
My silly boys looking a little rough. October

Texas Longhorns #1 September

the boys...October
together again..10 years later
girls... Thank you Amy Montgomery for the Pjs
The boys..
me and my girl 


Vicki Smith said...

It's not nice to wait 5 or 6 months between posts! But THANK YOU for finally putting one up. The pictures are all adorable. How fun!

Vicki Smith said...

Oh, wait. It was only 3 months since your last post. It's just that your October post was about July, which was 6 months ago. You've fallen a little behind. ;-)
I can hear you whining, "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" :-D

Tammy K. said...

HA!!!! I am a little behind. Sorry :-( I can't seem to get up I mean caught up.

Rebekah said...

Thank you for the post! Somebody with kids the age of yours should be blogging regularly so you can always remember all of the great and hilarious happenings that are going on. (And so we can hear about it, too. ;-)

Cat-n-Dan said...

good post:-)