Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I had some great pictures I was gonna post from Valentines day, but I have misplaced my camera. I posted a few that Sam has taken.  These were some of the last pictures he took with his camera, because it got stolen.  Very sad. That is his life, well not really, but you know what I mean. Money he saved and earned to get that camera and now just GONE. Not sure what happened. It was one of two things. Either he took it out of the car at home and left it outside somewhere by accident and someone walked by and stole it. I don't think that is what happened....  or it got stolen out of our van in midland at wal mart.  I am sure the camera was in the van when we left. I am sure I moved it off my seat and on the floorboard. Anyway, we left to Midland with the Wantuloks, DJ and Caitlin. We went to the mall first and I am sure I saw his camera on the floor. I left my purse in the van and saw his camera and put some chips over both. We got back in the van I moved the chips and my purse was still there. Then we went to wal mart. Sam thought he locked the door. I think he just thought he did, and someone came by saw an opportunity and took it.  The weird thing is the van WAS locked when we came back after wal mart. When we made the report with the police they said robbers do that. They lock the doors behind them. In any case it is sad and Sam was VERY sad for a couple days. Praying the Lord helps us save money FAST to purchase a new camera. This is his job and joy. So if you don't mind whisper a little prayer. thanks.:-)
 In other news, Addie is talking a whole more and Abe turns 3 next month. That is weird. Jeremiah starts school  in the fall.

Abie baby got healed the other day. He fell off a chair, it sounded like a brick hit the tile and I am sure he had a concussion, he had all the signs of it, I called for prayer and within 20 minutes he was healed. Praise the Lord.  

Excited to have our newest member to the region soon. Dj and Caitlin. It will be a huge blessing to have a faithful young couple wanting to work for the Lord out here in the west. All of us are getting older and still having babies and we are not free to do as much as we all used to, so this will be great. A young, energetic, faithful church couple willing to work. From what I understand they are already being put to work at camp and they are not even here yet :-)

Until next time....enjoy the pictures.

 My two boys. I know they will hate the matching PJ pictures when they  are older. :-)

Caitlin and Mr. Abe being silly on Dj and Caitlin's way back from Az. to home.

serious now

me and my girl

This was taken last Sunday, can you believe she is all bundled  in West Texas in March. Crazy!!!

Monster trucks and boys.  :-) That is all I have to say about that picture.


Marcia Brooks said...

Love the pictures. So sorry about Bro. Sams camera. I'm so happy to be getting D.J. and Caitlin here. Yeah!! Love you all. I have been very bad about going to blogs and posting but trying once again to do a little better. :)

The Guthries said...

Love all the pictures!! That's terrible about the camera! So thankful God healed Abie!!! Love ya!!