Friday, October 11, 2013


Hello there.I will start my post by saying so sorry...:-) Crazy summer. But lots of fun. A whole lot of traveling. 
I also want to take a second and praise the Lord for healing Addie. Last night she woke up wheezng pretty bad, scary bad. Could not breath. I woke Sam up and said we needed to pray for her. Sam anointed her with oil we prayed a good prayer. We called Bro Smith to ask him to pray for her. While I was talking to Him, Her wheezing stopped totally. She fell asleep and slept until 8:30 and woke up happy. She is a little congested, but God healed my baby girl. Our God is still healing.

SO!!!!  I am still around. I will start with July. Since the last time I posted....  the end of June we got to visit with Chris and Tammy Hart. They were in Jal NM, of all places. It was great to see them and visit with them. Lots of laughs of course. Chris Hart can make you laugh frequently. It was great fun. My boys loved playing with their girls.

A week later we were off to Regional Convention. Great messages preached and wonderful fellowship. 
 A week after that we were on our way to AZ. Sam and I celebrated our 10 year Anniversary.I begged him to take me somewhere where we could be kidless for a day. Az it was. Angie and Scott were gracious enough to watch the kids for us. The kids did great. It was nice eating a dinner without kids saying, I need that, I don't want that, Stop brother. It was peaceful. However I was lost without my babies. It was weird, but refreshing.It was a night and a day without our little guys.This was the first time the kids were without me or Sam for an extended amount of time. But they did great and did not miss us at all. Ang and Scott had a blast.

We were home for two weeks and then we headed to Camp. That was fun as always. Missed having Keven and Michele. Keven brings lots of laughs to camp, but it was still great none the less. Bro. Brandon preached some great messages. The Lord came down and blessed that Last night. It was wonderful.

A week later we got a new van. Praise the Lord. I had been searching online for about 6/8 months for a van we could afford. I found a 2008 Honda Odessey . 65K miles. It was in Rowswell, Nm .We traded our Mazda in. They drove the Honda to Andrews took away the Mazda. It was a done deal at a great price. And we LOVE the room and space we now have. the kids love it as much as Sam and I  do.  
Two weeks after that was the Assembly. I will save August for another post. :-)
Here are a few pictures from this summer.

These first two pictures are of Sam teaching the boys how to wash their hair in the rain. It was crazy and messy. I was so mad and I made him clean them up. It was crazy. I feel like sometimes I am raising 4 kids. HA!!!! Seriously, I would rather have a husband that likes to play with our kids then one that is to busy and uninterested.

The picture above is Texas Canon. We drive through this beauty crossing from Texas to Arizona .

Of course this a beautiful Arizona sunset. Nothing like them. I love all the cactus.

These last three are the boys admiring the new ladder firetruck  Andrews County recently purchased. They thought it was pretty cool sitting inside of it.


Vicki Smith said...

Thank you SO MUCH for a new post! It's been awfully lonely here in Blogland.
The pictures are great, and how could I not laugh out loud at the boys' hair washing. You ARE raising 4 kids! HA!
The sunset pictures is AMAZING!!! It's so hard to get a sunset picture that even begins to capture the beauty, but that one is breathtaking! Western sunsets are the best!
I love you. THANK GOD for His healing power! We have the BEST Physician this world has EVER known! What a privilege!

Rebekah said...

Great post, great pictures, great family. Sam cracks me up! I've been a little homesick for the western scenery lately, so I just kept staring and admiring the two shots you shared. :-)

Tammy K. said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the posts and pictures. Bec come visit anytime. :-)