Saturday, July 6, 2013

pictures and quick updates

I have had these pictures downloaded for a week or so in hopes I could add an updated post.  Having a hard time finding time to do that so I will just slap these pictures up here for ya'll.  Our big news is, Addie finally cut her first tooth. YEA!!!!  the boys were both 12 months she is 10 and 1/2. And Sam and I are heading to Arizona next weekend to celebrate our 10 years. A couple days with no kids. Looking forward to spending some time alone with my favorite guy.

These first couple pictures were taken at the zoo over Memorial day weekend.

Dad and his boys

Abe's normal face :-)

Sweet girl

Daddy's a little smitten by his girl

My sweet babies.

We took this picture off a whim. They have a booth set up at the mall and Sam said let's do it, Just like that. So we did. It turned out cute.


Dave and Melissa said...

SO pretty! Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL PICTURES!! Thanks for the update Tam:)