Friday, May 17, 2013

Life is still busy as ever. I am finally starting to get a little bit of a routine. The first time in over two years. Addie is a good baby. That helps. She is more attached to me then my boys ever were and she does want me close. I am all she sees I guess, but she allows me to get things done. She will just sit and play a lot of the time.

We have had a great time of company. It was great to have Cathy and Daniel here for Easter. I don't usually get family on holidays. It was great. The pictures in the previous post show some pictures of them while they were here. We had a good time. The day after they left Genesis. Morgan and Chelsie showed up. SO much fun with those girls. IT WAS GREAT!!!!   They followed us to Youth Convention. Lots of fun. Youth Convention was great as always. Good food, fantastic preaching and wonderful fellowship. The Dorans showed up at convention. It was great fellow shipping with them.
After Convention the Dorans came back to Texas with us and the girls came back as well. LOTS of fun. We all had radios and had a blast car pooling. It ended kinda sad. 10 miles out of Andrews we got the call that Gen and Morgan's Aunt Donna had suddenly died. That was sad. We pulled over and prayed with the girls then came on back to Andrews. Keep praying for the Arellano family. Charlene still needs comfort from the Lord. It was a shocker. Very unexpected death of her daughter. That would be so hard. God be with  that family. The girls stayed a couple more days then headed on to Colorado for the funeral. The Dorans stuck around and we had a great time playing GAMES!!!!  That was wonderful. They were visiting with the possibility of moving here. The west Texas dirt and wind was not good on his lungs so they will be relocating to Albq, NM.  It will be great to have them in the region anyway.
They left and it was back to life.

The kids are growing. Abe just turned 2 a couple weeks ago and Talks like crazy and very very clear. He is a DADDIES BOY..... man is he attached to his daddy.  Jeremiah is 3. He will be 4 next month. can you believe that? He is my affectionate boy.  He is our politician. Great boy. And then there is little princess, as dad calls her   What a joy. She smiles all the time. She loves people as long as mom is holding her. She smiles at the whole world. Not interested  in  crawling. She scoots. She is 9 months already.
Life is not dull with my three little miracles. They are all very close and loves to play together and laugh at each other all the time. ~~~sigh~~~ life is beautiful and God is good to me.

So here are a few pictures ya'll can enjoy.

Little  Missy

this was my mothers day gift for our Mothers at church. I thought some of you would enjoy seeing the gifts.

Thank you Em for the cute notepads. This was the goods inside the cute bags. :-)

And my BOYS. As you can see from the dirty faces they are all boy. Always a mess.

The first horn toad of the season. That is Andy holding it. Sam is like a kid at a candy store when he sees the  first horn toad of the year, He gets real real excited :-)

Cousins. This was taken when Cathy and Daniel were here .

 I thought I would throw this in for kicks. I knew some of you would enjoy seeing this. This is some of our church goers. Our regional paper is recognizeing a different church in every paper and this month was Andrews Texas so we had to take a picture for the paper. This was taken on Mothers Day. Patsy is the one on the far left. She is 84. a wonderful lady. Stacey Cruz is the next one. She is holding her great nephew who is Brooke's baby..... the girl next to Stacey. It was nice to have Sharry Sloan and Brooke with us on Mothers day from Arkansas.  Sharry is holding Jeremiah. Sue Fox is holding Addie. And then there is me obviously. Steven is a young man that has been attending for about 4 years now. He is great, He is the one  next to me and Robert  is the one on the far right. He is a guy that lives down the street that has been coming about two years now.  We are missing a some, but this is our crowd.


Vicki Smith said...

YAY! How nice to hear from you! And thanks for the pictures.
I've never met Patsy. Maybe someday. She looks sweet.

Tammy K. said...

she is very sweet.

Dave and Melissa said...

Great post!! Thanks for sharring pictures. You have a beautiful family, and church family!

EmileeAnn said...

Your Mother's Day gifts turned out really cute, Tammy! You did a great job!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to post all the pictures. Addie is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Such great pictures!! Thanks for sharing Tammy!!~~

Miss Rue said...

grandma, patsy is a very nice woman. we went 2 a greater vision concert with her when we still lived in tx.