Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jeremiah's first sermonette

Modesty.... (He calls it immodesty)
Not really a sermonette but it spoke truth. He was looking at a flyer from our local store Alco. There was a picture of some ppl in a swimming pool and Jeremiah says, Momma this magazine is yucky. I said why, he said the people are "immodesty". I asked why, He said they don't have any clothes on. ( bathing suits are no clothes)We need to throw this in the trash. I told him yes we do. Throw it in the trash . He then continued to say, Momma people that dress' immodesty' don't have Jesus in their heart. We need to pray for them. Let me say that I have never said that to him. That was his conclusion. I am so proud of my three year old. You know, kids make the obvious so obvious. If we do have Jesus in our hearts we should want to dress modest and not "immodesty" as my son calls it. We should strive to be modest and holy.  
  Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: ..... Heb. 12:14 
Rob Taylor (my old CFA boss).... his wife posted this yesterday on fb.   In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; ........ 1Ti_2:9
She then admonished the young people to dress modest. She said it is summer time and I know it is hard to find modest clothing this time of year, but search until you find it. Let's be modest young people.
 I was very blessed by her post. Her and Rob have raised 4 daughters and  you never saw cleavage or thighs. Those girls are some of the sweetest girls. I would say Rob and Maureen has raised some daughters to love God and modesty. All 4 of them \liked their mothers post. that is special. Mom's be the example and young people...Strive for modest apparel.   

anyway. I am done. Jeremiah stirred some things in me and I had to post. God is good and he is good to show us things we need to consider. Summer is not an excuse to dress immodest neither are weddings. Let's be modest.  ALL the time. 

So if you got passed my message.. HA!!!  In other news. Addie is trying to crawl. She really likes to scoot the best, but I am trying to get her to crawl. I put her on all fours and she rocks a little bit then moves in the upright position back on her bottom....crazy girl. Jeremiah has lots to say about lots of things siritual and life in general. He is very comprehensive and very wise for three. I just love him tons. Abey baby is something else. He makes you laugh like crazy. But oh boy, does he have a temper. We are really trying to nip in the bud as much as possible without the salvation power of Jesus Christ. HA!!  Actually sanctification is a MUST for this guy. :-) He is so fun and helpful if we can just work out this temper thing. He has SO much potential. He is motivated and very observant,  Can't imagine life without my Abey baby.
Sam and I are good. Sam is very busy these days with church, work and being a dad. He is a great dad. I always knew he would be. And then of course Archie dog has taken a back seat. poor dog. He is pretty laid back so he is taking all the changes well. :-)

I guess I better run.This is probably way to long. God bless you all. If I or my son offended anyone I am sorry.  


~Alaena Wright~ said...

My mom said it is always a hard till kids are old enough to pray for sanctiification. Lol.

Dave and Melissa said...

Great post Tam :) Love you!

Tammy K. said...

true true Alaena. :-) Love you to Mel. Miss ya

Vicki Smith said...

Your post was such a blessing! God's Word is true and it doesn't change (not even in the summertime). ;-) Modesty vs. immodesty isn't judged according to a country culture, or whatever the current "standard" may be. God laid out the standard in His Word. He made COATS of skin when Adam and Eve sinned--not bikinis and shorts. The words used indicate they covered Adam and Eve from their necks to their ankles. And I like what Brother Smith said in the Assembly a few years ago, "'Neckline' would indicate it should be somewhere near the NECK!" :-)

Tammy K. said...

Amen!!! Jeremiah is 3 and he knows what modesty is already

ToughLady said...

you guys are doing a good job, Jerimiah will be a great husband to a very special girl someday, keep up the good work..