Monday, April 22, 2013

pictures pictures pictures

Since I can't seem I to find the time to post. I was hoping you all would like to see some more pictures. We did not have a computer the whole month of February and part of March. Finally got one and the month of April has been packed full of company which I love. Between that and 3 babies posting is hard. Please forgive me and let the pictures be my peace offering. :-)

I thought this might make someone smile.  Daniel and Sam having fun in the shadows ...they loved doing this.

Cathy and I were not near as good.  We were just being silly. ....   

 Cathy and I and our girls. We were trying to find outfits that match. Very hard to do when you are looking for 18-24 mths and 3-6 mths.. They are lifetime away from each other in baby clothes. This is all we got. They had to match you know. :-) ( by the way these pictures were taken at the high school football field. They do an annual community easter egg hunt on the Saturday before easter. Cathy and Daniel were visiting obviously  the week before. It was so much fun)

 Sweet babies. Addie's head looks huge in this picture HA!!

Easter morning. Love having Mine and Cathy's kids so close in age. God loves us very much to give us kids close in age. It is great..... and they get along so well. That makes it better.

My little ones

Addie is 8 months old.

Little miss Cate, ( mini Cathy) LOVE her. She is such a fun girl,

Our own easter egg hunt

The Wantulok Cates'

Me and my girl

LOVE LOVE this picture

That's all for now. Eventually I will get pictures up of my living room.


Anonymous said...

Tammy! These are wonderful!!
Thanks so much for taking time to share them! ~ Karen

Dave and Melissa said...

Great pictures!!! I love them all!

EmileeAnn said...

Yay! So glad you've got a computer back so you can post pictures. I love to read about what's going on with you, but pictures are always my favorite. :-)

How fun that you got to be with Daniel and Cathy for Easter!!! The kids are all so cute.

Cat-n-Dan said...

Love the post and pictures.. Lots of memories and fun times...