Tuesday, March 8, 2016

dun dun dun.... well hello there. It has not been a year yet since I last posted. I figuured I should do something before I hit that year. HA!!
 Hmm.. Lets see Jeremiah is almost seven. weird. Abe will be five next month, Addie is 3 and sassy and Miss Karley is going to be one in a couple weeks. She FINALLY started crawling. Like last week. She is already  wanting to walk. pulls herself up on just about anything. likes to climb well crawl up  the stairs at church. Now that she can crawl she likes to chase Linus around as fast as she can. It is super cute.  

a few random pictures .... enjoy

 These first several pictures are from Mom and dad's 50th Anniversary celebration in Alabama. Which was so fun by the way. We had a great time.

Sweet Steph and miss Addie.

Look who is going to space.!!

This was a crazy fun rocket shooter  ride thing they had outside the space center. It was the best to be next to Stephanie on this ride. She is such a girl. I laughed so hard. She was terrified.

Sam had to take a turn, but he had to be between these girls. Steph did a little better the second time around.

This was this futuristic tv thing. they called it 'a look in the future" There was a camera that you could make it look like part of you or all of you invisible. pretty crazy.

Just a fun picture. I like this one and wanted to share.

The crowd minus 4 Angie, Scott, Andy and Chase are missing.

and again

The reason for this day.

The next few pictures are just random pictures I  thought I would  throw up here for fun. I have not posted in so long and pictures are fun.. I thought it might be some sort of peace offering to those that  are waiting and  looking for new blog posts. Did it work???

This picture I came across while looking for the others.. This is almost exactly a yr ago.

and along came this silly girl.

Here she is again. We are in  Salida.

My blessings

And this is why I don't go to the park. My nerves can't take it.Dad lets them do way more then I would ever do..
And that concludes my post for now. :-) 


Vicki Smith said...

YAY! A new post with great PICTURES!!! THANK YOU!!! :-)
God has blessed you with such a beautiful family. Isn't God good? He is faithful to the faithful.
I love you!

Tammy K. said...

God is good. I am a happy wife and Mother.

ToughLady said...

well it's about time you blogged girl, like i am the to talk right? nice pictures your kids are way to cute, you are truly blessed with great kids,

I hope you can find a house soon in salida and sell your house in andrews, be praying about that with you, love you guys....

Rebekah said...

Wow, I had no idea you blogged and it was a month and a half ago!!! Ha! Loved the post and especially the pictures. You have so much great stuff to share--you really ought to blog more often! :-) Love you, lady!!!