Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Three  months. Sorry folks. I feel like so much has happened in three months. This is the longest and shortest three months of my life.  I am thankful for another year. After being sick. I feel like God has given me a blessing to another chance in life. God has changed me so much . I feel like God is doing good things in my life. This year has went by so fast. It has been one of the saddest years in my life. Getting sick facing things I never thought I would face. Bro. Smith's death. The closest death  to me so far in my life. I feel like I lost my second dad.  Sister Patsy's death.   It has been rough and blessed all at the same time.  Through it all God is so good to teach us always and give strength in the eye of the storm. Next to 2009 when I lost my son This has been a hard year.  I can say without a doubt that 2009 and 2015 will be two life changing years for me, but I feel close to the Lord through it all.  2016 will bring new challenges, but I am expecting a great year. 
Jeremiah turned 6 a few weeks ago. Abe is starting Pre K next month. Jeremiah will be in first grade and Addie will be 3 in a couple weeks. Karley is already 4 months.   craziness......

Enjoy a few pictures of my blessings.

Karley loves her daddy.

My angel girls

Daddy is their hero. This picture was something Thriftway was doing for the dads on Fathers day. For free. Addie looks a little disturbed, but it was fun.

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Vicki Smith said...

LOVE the pictures. Thanks so much for taking the time to post.
You're right. 2015 will be remembered as a tough year. But God always gives enough grace to help us make it through. We will just lean on Him. His ways are always best.
I love you and I'm praying for you!