Thursday, February 19, 2015

Very very quick post to show everyone who is interested, the infamous baby bump picture. Well mine is a little more then a bump, The baby is in my lap :-)

35 and  1/2 weeks and lots going on. We may see this baby a lot sooner then later. My shirts barely cover the maternity band on my skirts. I am running out of clothes, so this baby better come fast.  :-)

Quick review about insurance. Long story, VERY short, after a month of them dealing with a very pregnant lady, we are getting everything done that needs to be done and they are going the extra mile to make this pregnant lady satisfied, HA!!!
 However we may be living in a hotel when this little one makes its appearance.

In other news for my short post..... We had a surprise visit from old friends.  Bill and Lorie Brock stopped by Andrews on their way to California. We had a great time with them. Lots of fellowship, it was great. Love company.

ok all......I need to get moving. Sorry it has been three weeks, I am working on getting better on blogging. :-)   Be patient.


Vicki Smith said...

Oh, I'm SO GLAD you posted! LOVE the picture. :-) You're so cute!
I'm SO HAPPY you're getting your house fixed too! So are you in a hotel now? What all are they going to do on your house?

Tammy K. said...

We are not in a hotel yet. They are replacing all the kitchen cabinets, vanity in the bathroom, carpet in our bedroom and all the base board in the hallway. $12,000 worth of work. The bedroom is done.