Thursday, January 22, 2015

I am almost 32 weeks pregnant and feeling it.  I feel my age for sure this time around. I have had a great pregnancy. Just feeling 39. I have a mover that is for sure. Life is busy and crazy. Jeremiah is doing fantastic in school. Abe is very interested and wants to learn everything he can. Abe has as much energy as ever.
Bedtime is a precious thing for Him and ME. HA!!!  He never stops running, jumping, or playing ball. Addie is cute and smart, but Sassy as ever. Her smarts gets her in a little bit of trouble. The smarter she gets the more in trouble she gets, :-)

Our recent craziness is our hot water supply line broke and flooded part of our kitchen and under the floor in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom and part of our bedroom. The extractors that came to dry out the floors and walls said had we not caught it when we did, 5 more minutes and most of our house would have been flooded. Crazy. It happened on New Years day at about 3:00 am. Sam heard water and thought someone left the water on in the bathroom. checked it and everything was fine, but he still heard it and checked the kitchen and walked into a flood. He woke me up and said , Tammy, I think we have a problem with water in the kitchen.    REALLY???????  He is so laid back. I came to the kitchen we tried to turn off the water under the sink and that lever was broke too. We thought maybe we would need to go outside and shut the water off to the whole house.... in the snow and ice cold ice storm,. brrr..Andy happened to be staying here that night and I woke Him up to go help Sam get the water shut off outside , he thought he would try to pinch the line  under the sink, it worked, so we duct taped the line, Duct tape is great stuff. We finally got the water to stop spewing and turned the water off to the hot water heater. Nobody was working on New Years day so we had a day without hot water and the next day the fun started with plumbers, insurance and  spending the next 9 days in a Hotel while they extracted water from under the house and dried it out. Now we have ruined cabinets  in our bathroom and kitchen and insurance just wants to patch, not fix. Should be a fun adventure until we get it squared away. Insurance adjusted  $2000 worth of work. The contractor adjusted $12,000 of work. So now we are waiting for insurance to ok the construction. Praying God helps me keep a good attitude and know it is all in his hands. :-)  The work that needs to be done HAS to be done so praying the insurance understands that and does the right thing.  Hows that for a post ????  :-)

In other news.... Clarissa is still attended and growing so much in the Lord. She is in love with Jesus , no doubt about that. Such an inspiration.

The guys will be leaving tomorrow for Mens's Retreat. Cathy,Clarissa and I are gonna have a great time. There is 12 inches of snow where they are going. Please pray all the guys make it safe.

Enjoy the pictures.........
This is a picture from when we went to Alan's funeral in October. Bro Chris Thompson was generous to watch 10 kids so Cathy,Haley and I could go hang out with Mel and Mandie. We got them all to bed, but when we got home at midnight or so three had awaken and Bro Chris was keeping them occupied with a veggie tales. What a guy. We had a lot of fun.  This picture was taken in honor of Becki. Mandie found an Ed McCaffery mustard. Wish you were there Bec.

Finally found a restaurant that was open. I can't believe we were in Colorado Springs and everything was closed at 10:00. CRAZY!!!

Cousins... love this picture of mine and Cathy's kids.
This tree was in the El Paso Airport on our way to Spokane on Thanksgiving. We thought it was pretty cool so decided to ask someone to take a family picture. We don't get many of those. Sam is usually on the other side.

Going to our gate

These snow pictures are from today. It was our third snowfall in about a month.  Pretty fun.The kids loved it. This was the first one that you could actually build a snowman. Sam built this with the kids before he left to work.  When he left the kids and I had a snowball fight. They thought that was pretty cool.


Vicki Smith said...

Oh, Tammy, you are SO the GOOD DAUGHTER!!! ;-) What a great post, except I'm so sorry for your water issues. I pray it all turns out to be a wonderful blessing in the end.
All the pictures are great. I'm so happy for your kids to get to play in snow. Emilee texted me a picture of Lydia all dressed up in her snowsuit today. They're making fun snow memories in Denver too, but that's something they get to do at least a few times every winter so it's not near as special as a snowfall in Andrews.
I LOVE YOU! And THANK YOU for the post! I didn't expect such a BIG one! Just ANYTHING is better than total blog loneliness. ;-)
You need help, though, in changing your font color so it can be visible. If you want to email me your blog ID and password, I can fix it for you, if you don't know how, or don't have the time.

Tammy K. said...

:-) Glad you enjoyed the blog. I can change the font easy enough, I just don't have a cute background. I know how to do it, It just takes forever for me to do it. I am going to try though. I need to get better at it.

Rebekah said...

Great post and pictures, Tammy! I hope all of your water/insurance issues work out well. Our tornado damage last year turned into BRAND NEW WINDOWS all through our house--it was so worth the insurance headache! (Though I doubt I felt that way at the time...)

I wish I could have been with all of you girls in 'Springs, both for Alan's funeral and for the "reunion." Chris Thompson is quite a guy! 10 kids. He deserves a trophy.

So happy you got snow!!! Lucky dog. ;-)

ToughLady said...

Great post Tammi love it