Friday, October 26, 2012

Two in one week !!!

I will start by sharing this great story of God's love. Sam and I try real hard to teach the boys to trust the Lord in everything. If something is not working right or we are trying to find something we always say, let's pray for Jesus to help us. This is the latest story. Jeremiah got this electronic motorcycle for his birthday this summer. Last week It stoped moving forward. I tryed to figure it out and could not. Yesterday the reverse stopped working. I was really bummed. I charged it , thinking that was the problem. Nope. I just put the motorcycle away until Jeremiah thought about it again. Not 5 minutes later and he said, Mom, will you get my motorcycle for me. So I broke the news to him and told him it was not working. He said, mom let's look at it and fix it. I told him we would pray and try to fix it. So I got the motorcycle down and we prayed together that Jesus would help us and make it work, What do you know. He showed me a fuse needed to be put back on and that made the reverse work again, then we prayed again and he showed us the other fuse to make the forward work. ( I tryed that fuse over and over last week and could not make the motorcycle work)  Jeremiah was SO happy. We thanked the Lord for helping us and he took off on his motorcycle a very happy boy. Now he is pretending he is at the gas station getting a slush monkey drink. Daddy gets them all the time. :-)  I love when my kids pretend. And since their tv watching is VERY limited they are forced to do a lot of pretending.

This week has been a good week so far. Kinda quiet. I went for a walk with Sue on Monday. That was nice. I need to do that more often. Tuesday we made a mad dash to Midland to find a shirt to go under the cute little dress I got for Addie for our very first family portraits. We made the mad dash because we thought we were going to do pictures Thursday. It ended up not working out.  We will be taking them next week. I am a little nervous about everyone behaving themselves, including my husband. I will just pray real hard. God does honor the little things as well as big thigs and he says he will give us the desires of our heart.  Lord my desire is to have good family pictures...amen.  :-)

This Sunday we will be heading to Merkel to visit our members there. Last Sunday we went to Snyder. We have been so busy with the new  baby and needs around here that we have not been able to go visit our members in the surrounding areas. We are going to get back into that. We will need to head to Abeline in a couple weeks then hopefully we will make it to Del Rio. Lord willing and with his help we will make our rounds SOON.  Merkel is 2 and half hours away, Abeleine, 3 hrs and Del Rio 5 hours. It makes for long Sundays, but the Lord gives us strength.

I think that is about it. YEA!!!!  Two posts in a week. Not bad.


ToughLady said...

Good post Tammi I like reading you're post s so keep it up...

EmileeAnn said...

Wow! You're on a roll! :-)
Can't wait to see your family pictures.

Dave & Melissa said...

:) It's great to read about your family. I'm glad I get to talk with Jeremiah every now and then!

Vicki Smith said...

You'e the GOOD blogger! :-)
Isn't it great when God shows little children His miracle working power? Now we'll pray that He shows BIG people His miracle working power by making Sam be good for the photo shoot. ;-)
I know you'll have a wonderful time at Ladies' Retreat this weekend. And everyone will love holding and cooing over Addie. I whish I could be there to join in on all of the fun, fellowship and blessings. Give my love to all.