Friday, November 9, 2012


Ok guys. Thanks to my nephew Andy he was able to figure out something that allowed me to post pictures. He is a "computer smart guy" . Is there such a thing.. HA!!!  Anyway. Enjoy a sneak peek of our family pictures in the post below. I did not post the christmas card ones, You will  have to wait and be surprised. If you do not usually get a card from me, send me one and I will send you one back. :-)
I will have you know that Sam and the boys did great on picture day. Thanks for the prayers. HA HA!!!!!

I would love to post about  Ladies Retreat, but there is so much to tell, and since it took me an hour to post this little message ( maybe not an hour, but close) you will have to wait until I have a lot of time and it is not 1:00 in the AM. I need to go to bed. I will tell you this little teaser. It was one of the best if not the best ladies retreat I have been to. I feel changed in so many ways and my love for the Lord and His church is stronger now then EVER.  God was there in  a special mighty way.
I will work on getting a post about it. It may take me a couple days to complete it, but I will try. I promise.  Three babies makes spare time hard to come by. 

enjoy the pictures

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Jessa Stephens said...

What you have a blog!!!!!!???!! Cool. :)